Book Review: ‘Roy’ by Kapil

Six people in a guesthouse, a police inspector in search of a psychotic fugitive killer and a thunderstorm that makes him stranded in the same guesthouse as the others, buried mistakes of the past are dug out and a deadly game of cat and mouse- this is what is offered by the thriller penned down by the author, Kapil.

‘Roy’ is a suspenseful tale of a police officer stuck in an unknown setting with strangers when he is supposed to be out chasing his fugitive- the famous director Girish Kashyap. While he is torn between his duty to safeguard the occupants of the guesthouse and his urge to put the criminal behind bars, strange things start happening around the house. Secrets are dug out, lives endangered, all while our inspector, Jaywardhane, has to navigate the tough waters of the night both figuratively and literally.

Kapil creates a rich tapestry of stories within the actual setting that absorbs the readers right into the tale. The short story is a rollercoaster ride with the unknown where as soon as you start feeling comfortable with the setting, a plot twist is thrown your way to unsettle you. The characters are adorned with shades of darkness, guilt and burdens of the past that makes them bring out the perfect balance of human and intrigue. The vast array of elements that have gone into making the story give readers the perfect blend of mystery that keeps you on the edge of your seat always.

‘Roy’ by Kapil feels like a cozy read by the fireplace on a winter night that fuels up your adrenaline and keeps you awake at night. It is the kind of story you would listen to with your friends during a campfire. In conclusion, it is a story that will initially be a weird mixture of comfort and intrigue but will end with questions in your mind and your jaw dropping on the floor. 


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