Inspiring Indian Women IIW pleaded justice for Dhara Shah

The event showcased the strength and resilience of Indian women, as they came together to support one of their own in a time of great need. Rashmi Mishra, CEO of Inspiring Indian Women UK, expressed her empathy and determination to support Dhara Shah in her fight for the return of her daughter. “As a mother and a woman, I couldn’t look the other way. It’s our duty as a community of strong and empowered women to stand up for each other in times of adversity,” said Mishra.

The panel of speakers shared their expertise and insights on the legal, social, and emotional aspects of Dhara Shah’s case. Dr. Ajay Kumar Pandey, Advocate at the Supreme Court of India, provided valuable information on the legal avenues available to Dhara Shah and the potential support that the Indian government could provide. PRAYATHNA Kowitz, a disability and child rights activist, shed light on the impact of the case on the child and emphasized the critical need for her safe return. Swati Jain, a self-made social entrepreneur and Facebook influencer, spoke about leveraging social media as a powerful tool to amplify Dhara Shah’s story and garner global support. Vandana Khurana, a dedicated member of Inspiring Indian Women UK, shared her thoughts on the importance of community support and solidarity in times of distress.
Rajni Shah Deputy Director of Inspiring Indian Women has put a question to the governments of both the country, ” Why Indians over the world suffer so much ,when most of the doctors, engineers, scientist,etc are Indians across the globe?” This is actually a matter of concern which needs to be addressed globally.

Dhara Shah and Bhavesh Shah are parents of Ariha Shah who is in the custody of German Youth Office since September 2023.They all are Indian passport holder Indian citizen. They moved to Germany in August 2018 because of Father’s work as software Engineer and they intended to go back to India in few years. But because of the case of Ariha Shah, they are forced to stay in Germany. Dhara is on the dependant visa.

The event served as a reminder of the power of unity and collective action. Despite the geographic distance, the Indian women in the UK rallied together to support a fellow community member in her time of need. The panel of speakers and attendees reaffirmed their commitment to standing in solidarity with Dhara Shah and her fight for justice.

Moving forward, Inspiring Indian Women UK will continue to advocate for Dhara Shah’s cause and work towards a resolution. “We will not rest until Dhara Shah is reunited with her daughter. We will use our collective voice and influence to ensure that justice is served,” stated Rashmi Mishra.

This event serves as a shining example of the strength and resilience of Indian women, and the power of community support in times of adversity. The work of Inspiring Indian Women UK, led by CEO Rashmi Mishra and Deputy Director Rajni Shah, is truly inspiring and serves as a testament to the impact that women can have when they come together to support one another.


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