Introducing: ‘25 Rules of Life’ by Sanjeev Kotnala

“25 Rules of Life: I Wish I Had Known Earlier” by Sanjeev Kotnala offers a refreshing stroll through the complexities of personal and professional spheres, providing invaluable insights gleaned from the author’s diverse experiences. Kotnala, drawing from his corporate tenure, personal relationships, and coaching expertise, presents a compendium of wisdom akin to signposts guiding readers through life’s terrain.

The book’s strength lies in its approachable tone, resembling a candid conversation between friends. Kotnala’s straightforward language and relatable anecdotes from his life ensure an engaging reading experience. It’s as if he’s extending a helping hand, sharing lessons learned the hard way so readers can navigate their paths more smoothly.

What sets this book apart is its pragmatic utility. Rather than merely recounting tales of triumphs and failures, Kotnala offers tangible rules – actionable insights to fortify readers’ decision-making processes. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a novice embarking on your journey, these rules serve as invaluable companions, offering preemptive guidance and fostering introspection.

“It is a guide and a friend, as it walks you through some very powerful principles of leading a good and fulfilling life”.
Harish Bhat. Author, Columnist and Marketer. Mumbai.

“25 Rules of Life” isn’t just a book; it’s a toolkit for personal and professional growth. Readers can dip into it whenever they need to recalibrate their trajectories, finding solace in Kotnala’s friendly whispers of caution and guidance. As you traverse your own path, may these rules echo in your mind, offering clarity and fortitude in the face of challenges.

Phaneesh Murthy, ex-CEO of iGATE, sums up the book as follows: “Initially, the rules are quite counterintuitive, but as you apply your mind, you start recognizing the practical truth that Sanjeev imparts.”

In essence, “25 Rules of Life: I Wish I Had Known Earlier” is a beacon of practical wisdom, illuminating the way forward with grace and insight. Whether you’re at a crossroads or forging ahead, Kotnala’s rules will undoubtedly serve as steadfast companions on your journey of self-discovery and achievement.


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