Introducing: Your Mind is not in your control? : So you are Half Mad

In the insightful exploration of the mind’s power, Samiulla Khan M delves deep into the core of human consciousness in their latest book, “Your Mind is not in your control?.” The central theme revolves around the profound impact of gaining control over one’s mind on achieving success and overall well-being.

The author argues that individuals who lack spiritual control over their thoughts face significant challenges in focus, decision-making, and maintaining a positive life trajectory. Drawing upon personal experiences, Mr. Khan emphasizes the importance of managing and controlling one’s thoughts. The narrative is enriched with examples illustrating how critical thoughts can lead to fear, confusion, and even physical ailments.

A notable departure from conventional wisdom, the book discourages reliance on ancient meditation methods or the perspectives of various gurus. Instead, it advocates for a direct focus on one’s thoughts as the key to unlocking true potential. Mr. Khan claims to have gained this wisdom through a 31-year journey of professional experiences, adding a layer of authenticity to the narrative.

The text’s core message encourages readers to adopt a perspective centered on gaining control over their minds, love, peace, and infinite progress. At its essence, the book proposes a fundamental question that individuals must confront: how to control their minds. According to the author, all other answers to life’s challenges lie within this internal mastery.

The prose is imbued with a sense of importance and dedication to this knowledge, promising success through consistent practice. Mr. Khan contends that the book offers practical solutions for an array of mental problems, including fear, depression, anxiety, and addiction. By providing a roadmap to navigate these issues through the lens of mind control, the author aims to empower readers to overcome obstacles and achieve a state of holistic well-being.

In conclusion, “Your Mind is not in your control?” is a thought-provoking guide that challenges conventional approaches to mental well-being. Samiulla Khan skillfully weaves personal experiences with practical insights, offering readers a compelling argument for the transformative power of gaining control over one’s mind. Whether you are seeking success in your professional life or striving for personal fulfillment, this book serves as a valuable companion on the journey to mastering the intricacies of the human mind.


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